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New York’s own ARJUN is continuing to push musical boundaries with a new album to be released in Fall of 2014. Prior to the release of the album Core, the group is set to release the track “Core,” a new single featuring John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood) on August 26. Medeski adds a colorful new dimension to ARJUN’s already eclectic sonic landscape on “Core” that provides a glimpse of what to expect from the exciting new album.

Since forming in 2003, the instrumental trio has specialized in delivering a diverse palette of music that emphasizes a fusion of rock and improvisational jazz. ARJUN’s sound is comprised of Eddie Arjun Peters on guitar, Lamar Myers on drums, and Andre Lyles on bass. After signing with Pheromone Records, the group has continued to showcase their chops since their debut Pieces and its follow-up Space. Their repertoire stands as a testament to the level of musicianship and talent that listeners can expect on the new album.

With thought-provoking and emotional grooves throughout, there’s a distinct chemistry within the trio that creates a unique blend of sounds that are difficult to categorize. Influences including Jeff Beck, Weather Report, Charlie Hunter, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Stevie Ray Vaughn are quickly apparent when listening to ARJUN. With a tendency towards heavy grooves and tasty guitar licks, the group never seems to fail to react to the divergent sounds and creative contributions from each member. This leads the listener on a journey within each song. “Core” in particular is a track that showcases a high level of communication within the group in addition to the textures provided by John Medeski’s expertise on keys. Despite the trio’s impressive chops on their designated instruments, there is a unified understanding and focus on the musical progression above all other aspects of the group’s sound.



26sep11:00 pm- 12:00 pmARJUN Record Release Party * Special Live Performance * Rockwood Music Hall 9.26.14



Arjun-Band-ARJUN, the three-piece instrumental band from New York, has been trailblazing their own hybrid of rock and improvisational jazz since 2003. Made up of Eddie Arjun Peters (guitar), Lamar Myers (drums), and Andre Lyles (bass), ARJUN fuses the power of rock with improvisational alternative jazz, resulting in a delicate balance of intricately crafted melodies backed by powerhouse musicianship. After signing with Pheromone Records in 2006, ARJUN released their debut album PIECES, followed by 2013’s SPACE. SPACE, the critically-acclaimed first in a three-album trilogy, is a sonic dreamscape of fluid improvisations which were conceived and recorded organically. The album’s opening track, ‘Orion,’ features legendary percussionist E.J. Rodriguez (The Jazz Passengers, Sean Lennon, Medeski Martin & Wood, Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos, D.J Logic…).

ARJUN’s most recent album CORE, second in the trilogy, is a reinvention of ARJUN’s sound and style, rooted in carefully crafted melodies which tell resonant stories without words. CORE features the talents of John Medeski (of Medeski Martin & Wood) on its title track, and was mixed by legendary producer/mixer Scotty Hard. CORE was recorded at Level 11 Studios in New York City and at a studio in Brooklyn, produced by Eddie Arjun Peters and mastered at Turtletone Mastering by Michael Fossenkemper (Medeski Martin & Wood, Soulive, Bootsy Collins…).

ARJUN’s soulful, razor-sharp inter-musician communication and chemistry translates vibrantly through their recorded works, and transfixes live audiences across the Northeast. ARJUN has garnered comparisons to artists such as Charlie Hunter, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Weather Report, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Gov’t Mule, Snarky Puppy, Lettuce, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.